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do metal picks damage your guitars body or strings?

  • GREAT question! It really comes down to how you play.

Guitar body: Yes, These are metal picks, they can scratch your guitars finish or pick guard. if you play hard enough & really go for it, which a lot of us do. Yes the metal can cause more visible scratches on your guitars finish if you are strumming hard enough & hitting your guitars body with the pick, however in our research it was very rare that this happened unless we PURPOSELY tried to scratch the body. we would RECOMMEND that you use a pick guard & be aware of your strumming to prevent scratching.

Strings: No, We have tested this on many different guitar & Bass strings. not once did they harm the strings any differently than most heavy guage picks. your strings should last just as long as you'd expect them to, we do RECOMMEND you change your strings regularly. when using coated strings the metal picks will wear off the coating quickly.


do metal picks sound better than other pick materials?

  • It's all about PREFERENCE. T1 picks tend to give off a brighter more AGGRESSIVE tone & can change based on the positioning of the pick in your hand when you pick or strum your strings. they can help make dead & old strings sound alive, they take away pick noise on acoustic guitars. T1 picks are a great tool to have for both live & studio players! It all depends on the sound you are looking for. Some players prefer them over other picks, others use them strictly for recording or certain songs in a setlist.


How are T1 Picks Made?

  • T1 Picks are made from High quality 304 Stainless steel. using high pressure chemicals we shape the picks as well as cut out our researched & designed hole patterns which help to weaken the steel just enough to give the picks the right amount of flex, while still keeping with the metals durability. we then laser etch our T1 Logo & texture patterns to both sides of the pick for added girp & comfort. the picks then go into a SERIES of chemical baths & or painting processes for the finished look. we then screen print our colored T1 logo. Due to some of the painting processes, through time the edging of the picks will wear off to thier natural metal finish.


What is your return policy?

  • T1 Innovations ( does not offer returns. We can offer exchanges on all our guitar picks in unused condition up to 30 days from when you receive your order.

    Exchanges are easy! just mail us back your items with a note on what you would like to swap them out for, along with your return address.

    For questions, email us at or call 714-409-8872



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